Saturday, July 4, 2015

Joey Alphabet Monotangles: D is for Dugwud

Joey has been giving us one monotangle a week, running through the alphabet. We are up to D, and our pattern is Dugwud.

It's a nice pattern, easy to make and relaxing to draw, but I had a hard time making a monotangle tile with it. There are quite a few pages in my sketchbook, and one abandoned tile...until I decided to do a purple tile.

This one turned out pretty cool, I think. Purple cardstock 3.5x3.5 tile, black micron pen and a neon purple gel pen. Some prismacolor pencils in lavender and blue violet, a touch of white gelly roller. 

I really like the depth of the circles in the foreground, and in the mid ground, I made them sort of orblike. The gel pen neon purple is so red looking in this picture. Dugwud will be fun to break out of the grid.


  1. Very cool indeed! A refreshing contrast to what I ended up with! ;o) Love seeing your work Heidi Sue!
    ~ joey ~

  2. I really like your arrangement, even without the colour. Great orbs in the two sections, one section looks like wells to fall into and the other looks like cushions plumped up. Very clever. Purple is my favourite colour,

  3. Love the colors and your shading is perfect! I have a hard time with monotangles. I like your different takes on Dugwud.

  4. It IS a cool tile! Both your version of Dugwud and your choice of colours are looking great.