Friday, July 10, 2015

Two for the Price of One

This post will cover two challenges: The Diva Challenge  which is offered to us by guest CZT Jen Crutchfield. And the New to Me Challenge by Suzy Mosh.

Jen offers us the opportunity to explore color, but not a whole rainbow. Instead, we were to choose just two or three colors and create.

At Suzy's place we are doing H patterns that we've never before used, and a delightful artist is also highlighted: Michelle Beauchamp.

This week, inspiration has been distant. None of the pieces I've worked on for any challenge has pleased me or brought me peace to work on them (though I did have some fun with Neil Burley's pattern Nabu, making a few tiles and coloring them in

Nabu is one I tried out for Suzy's challenge last week. It is complex and intricate and (clearly) difficult to center. But in the end, I did have fun with that.

(BTW, I am the recipient of Neil's book of patterns, via a random drawing at Suzy's challenge last week. Excited! Neil's patterns lend themselves to lots of variations, and I often end up exploring them for long periods of time. It's gonna be FUN having that book!)
(Thank you Suzy!)

So I fiddled around with a few things that weren't making me the doing, nor in the end result. And finally it occurred to me: choose a pleasing color palette. After several days of feeling adrift and empty of inspiration, that idea codified things for me. It gave me a starting point.

The Derwent watercolor pencils came out, and I selected Imperial Purple, Crimson Lake, Prussian Blue and Spectrum Blue. How to apply to the paper? I wanted a blend, with that wicking action that watercolor does on paper, but i was using pencils...hmmm.

Eventually closing my eyes and scribbling on the tile was my method. One color at a time, and after a bit of scribbling, I filled some spaces in. Then the next color, scribble and fill in...until I had enough. Then I wetted it with a paintbrush and VIOLA! :D (yes, I spelled a string instrument)...

...and VIOLA! the blending and wicking action I was after

Kinda fuzzy and soft, isn't it?

Clicking around in Shelly's site, I found Oke, a pattern I practiced one time very early in this journey...but doing it in 05 purple and rose pens absolutely delighted me! Then, an H pattern I haven't used...Hako, by Lara Williams. A little bit of white gelly roller for highlights (which isn't as striking as toned paper or bright card stock, but still very lovely)...and DANG!
Not bad, for an uninspired week.

I am calling it Tropical Heat (even though it is a cool palette, the oke turned out so luxurious and voluptuous, and the gridwork Haku behind it like a privacy screen for lovers on a romantic holiday...yes, heat is what it reminds me of)

One tile, two challenges! and a piece I do like.


  1. You did a great job and I do like the watercolor background! Glad you got and like the book from Neil. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week!

  2. Sounds like you have been enjoying the experimentation's like play really! Your watercolor wash is so pretty! I loved the challenge this week.

  3. Sometimes we just need to persevere. I think it paid off for you. There is nothing wrong with your first three tiles. It is tough when we look for symmetry. Some tangles are hard to achieve that with without extra tools. While there is nothing wrong with using, it is not a part of the Zentangle® method. Like your color combinations.

  4. Love the watercolor tile and Nabu tiles. I used Nabu on my challenge entry last week.Congrats on winning Niel's book. I'm totally envious;-)

  5. Though you are not satisfied I really like the first three tiles with Nabu, especially the one with yellow (I love yellow :-))
    And the last one has a wonderful colored background - as you say "Not bad" ;-)))
    I like the composition of the patterns!