Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Three Ring circus

This week's Diva Challenge is to put three tangles together: Tropicana and Cack, and choose a third tangle, either fescu, florz, or linq.

Cack is a tough one for me. It is difficult for me to see it as elegant or pretty. It does have some potential for festive-ness, but it's just an awkward pattern for me. So that is the tangle that I focused on for this challenge. I played around with it quite a bit

 I was trying anything I could to make it unique.

It looks better with a 3-D effect, in my opinion. You can see where I had tropicana and fescu in there. Just playing around, trying to see what looked good.

Thick stripes and thin strings
I like this version. Sort of sideways

The pattern reminds me of two peppermints, biting each other, Pacman style. I mean, really. How silly.

Here I threw in some linq

Well, with all this playing around, I just couldn't find a way to put the rather goofy cack with the more elegant tropicana (one of my favorite tangles). No matter what I did, cack looked out of place with the other patterns. I couldn't make it fit in. Even looking at other work using this pattern, cack just seems to stick out like a sore thumb.

Then, on a whim, I tried adding another dot to the circumference of the center circle.
I followed the same steps as the original cack, using a dot about a third of the way around the circle, and another dot, two thirds the way. And looky there! I REALLY like the look of this version. I played with it some more, and decided on a simple solution: One piece of cack, one motif of tropicana, and a floor of flord.  And some shading.

Like a shrine

So yeah. This piece is like a logo Earthlings might create, once the aliens land, bringing us the technology to reach the stars and teaching us about peaceful coexistence. Because the cack thingy looks like an interstellar traveling pod, resting on the earth. And Tropicana, as always, looks monumental.

In the end, I like this. And I'm glad to have come to a peace of sorts, with cack.In fact, I've got it in another piece I started last night, along with cruffle and some meringue. Widgets. etc.


  1. this is just so is what Zentangle is all about! You tried something, you kept playing around with it and surprise....I think you invented a new tangle! Give it a name!!!
    You work is wonderful. You should share your story with Maria. I really believe this is what she is talking about when she and Rick say "there are no mistakes in Zentangle" I am going to share your story with my students!
    Lee Darter

  2. I love how you pushed Cack into doing something flowing and lovely. Good for you!

  3. I was thinking about trying to add onto the cack, too, but didn't quite figure it out yet. I will try it the way you describe it! I like having a challenge that will push me into something I haven't tried before. Your end product is very cool! I like your ideas about this being a logo. Enjoy your week!

  4. So nice! I love the "triple- Cack"and Tropicana is very elegant.. it reminds me to Art Nouveau!

  5. Excellent post - I love to see how you worked through to your final piece, which is stunning!
    I'm laughing a little because a non-tangling blogging friend (I have two blogs) popped onto my tangle blog yesterday and said she thought I was speaking a strange language - I'd love her to read your last two sentences!! Axxx

  6. Hi Heidisue, I think your take on Cack is excellent. I tried to make it a string of bobbles but got all tangled up and had to start all over again. The finished piece is a triumph.

  7. I had the same struggle you did with Cack, but ended up with a group of four. Love how yours turned out! I also really like how you used Tropicana - so sculptural.

  8. Wow, I like this design and the shading in (especially Florz) is stunning!!! Cack is hard for me too and not a tangles I will use very often.

  9. A Logo for when aliens land, I love it. You should send it to Sheldon on Big Bang Theory - do you have that program?

    1. hahaha we do have that on TV. I have only watched bits and pieces of it.

  10. I really like your tile. Thanks for sharing all your trials. I think it was really tricky to put cack and Tropicana together and filled plenty of notebook pages before deciding which ones to shade

  11. I had the same issue blending Tropicana and Cack. You pulled it off fabulously! It was cool to see your thought process; thanks for sharing that.

  12. It is such a pleasure to see my pattern used. Thank you for this gift at this time in my life. You are a Rock Star! This is great!

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