Wednesday, July 1, 2015

More Tipple

The idea hit me, that I had done some cool stuff with Tipple in an old sketchbook, where I filled in all the spaces darkly, and colored the tipples with highly saturated colors. I based that older idea on a pattern I saw behind a speaker on a TED talk, and really liked it.

So I decided to do something along those lines for a second entry in this challenge! I like it as much as my first entry.

A Spectrum Spiral

Some thoughts on Tipple. Even though it is almost the simplest tangle out there (stippling is simpler, being "just" dots) and is a very repetitive pattern, this tangle looks much better with precision. Because I am drawing one little circle after another, it's possible...and likely...that I will end up with a bunch of fast circles that have ends that don't quite meet...and there are probably some of those in this one, and my first entry. But I think it compromises the look of the piece if there are too many that are drawn carelessly. As I worked on this piece I found it more relaxing to really go slow and careful forming my circles. I breathed more evenly as I focused, and enjoyed the process a lot.

This was also true when I was playing with Umble for last week's  Diva challenge. Because we are drawing "under", the placement of lines is really important. The pieces where I was sloppy with it were less enjoyable to me, and looking through my sketchbooks, this is true of any work that I finish. If I was careful and relaxed in the process, placing lines carefully and taking my time, I enjoy the finished work quite a bit better. But here's the cool thing: weighting lines makes a huge difference in how finished a piece looks AND it hides those little careless boo boos.

And that's why I weighted my lines in tipple to begin with (back before this challenge, the TED talk background)...because I was being sloppy and wanted to hide my uneven circle joinings.

Zentangle has given me a lot of confidence in my ability to make some pretty cool looking things with randomly selected patterns...what could happen if I thought out what I wanted to achieve, and used care and meditative energy in something that I am aiming to sketch, to look like something, to look realistic? Hm. Now I have some ideas about my large sketchbook that has been sitting aside for many weeks. 

EDIT: I just had to share this...Found on pinterest

Someone gathers plastic bottle caps on the beach, and created this amazing spectrum of colored circles! hmmm


  1. Wow! This piece is really striking. I love the colors you have used and how you integrated them. The shadowing is excellent too!

  2. Nice piece. I agree with your comments about taking your time. I was really more conscious about this as I was completing the majority of the tile. When I began doing the spill over orbs, got a little more careless.

  3. T love the way Tipple is colored here.

  4. oh this is amazing, the color and your shading is beautiful

  5. This is a gorgeous tile, HeidiSue. Lovely design and your Tipple patterns are awesome. Love how you grouped your color families with spots of variation to add contrast and interest. Great post.

  6. Fantastic! Wonderful rainbow Tipple!

  7. It looks like curled ribbon. Love the color!

  8. I love the rainbow and how it flows. Nice job! Sarah.

  9. Wow! It must have taken forever to contour each little bubble in color the way you did. The results are amazing and so beautiful! The shading at the edges is brilliant. Also, thank you for your comments on making slow and deliberate strokes to create even such a seemingly simple tangle as Tipple. A good reminder for all of us.

  10. Very nice!! Lovely rainbow colours, makes me happy.

  11. Your tipple spiral looks so beautiful - wonderful use of colour! I really like that :-)

  12. Love your tile HeidiSue. The colors are beautifully done and the shading around the edge makes it pop. Very nicely done!

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