Saturday, July 4, 2015

Suzy Mosh Challenge Number N ...

...and artist Neil Burley

Neil's blog is so interesting, especially his word art. So I linked to the whole site, not just the patterns page, which can be found on the galleries tag at his place.

Suzy Mosh always adds an artist to a challenge when we have a repeat letter, and this week it was Neil. So, N patterns and Neil Burley patterns. GO!

This was a fun challenge for me. I found a couple of N patterns on tanglepatterns. com AND on Neil's site, and have a piece that is 100% N patterns.

For the Neil patterns I chose Nimrud and Noodlz. The N patterns are Nvelope and Nipa (which I love and have used in many pieces) Noodlz will make a delightful filler. New to me are all the tangles except Nipa.

Dance of the Bees
Nimrud started the piece, in the upper left corner, sort of solid and shiny. Then I did some detached Nvelope, also solid. But then it was time to make Nvelope simpler, two-dimensional.

I threw a dot in the center, and one at each junction, then aura'ed around it, and did several of those here and there. This gave me the idea to try a Nimrud in more simple, single lines, and put a handful of those in the bottom left corner. A few dots at the ends of each one.

They began to look like bees to me.

Another solid Nimrud in the opposite corner, connected kitty corner with Nipa. Noodlz all around were fun. Then it hit me: a very simplified, stylized Nimrud!

Which I did, and put in a corner or two.

This is the development of Nimrud, from solid and three dimensional, to simple lines that are almost like a character in Asian script.

Solid to simplified to stylized
I really like the look of the stylized Nimrud. 

Some finishing touches, with red here and there, and shading, and at the end, it is a busy, active piece which I call Dance of the Bees.


  1. I don't think it looks too busy, but I love the title Dance of the Bees. Some of them do look like bees. Noodlz was fun wasn't it, I think I will be using that often. I love the way you just coloured some of them here and there. I am always pleased when it is your name I have to click on, you usually add interesting posts alongside your tiles which I enjoy reading.

  2. Super development of the patterns - love seeing where people take them :)
    Thanks for the mention and good luck in the challenge draw :)


  3. Lovely drawing! You really put a lot of motion into it with Nipa and Noodlz. Thanks for being part of the challenge this week and good luck in the drawing!

  4. Noodlz is one of my new favorites too! And the "bees" are adorable - nice job!

  5. This is fun!! And I love seeing your process :)

    ~ Diane Clancy