Thursday, June 19, 2014

two pieces


My first, and my most recent.
On top, the first zia piece I ever did, before I knew there was such a thing.  I had seen some zentangle tutorials, and I used a couple of patterns, then just went sort of silly and fun with it. It reminded me of a cave.
The bottom piece I did today, just wanting to play with Barney. When I made a birthday card featuring a dragonfly on the front, I used Barney for the eyes, and they turned out much more symmetrical, but looking at these, I like my Barney here too. It's fun to look at. I also added some striping and inapod to finish, and two corners of betweed.
Striping is much nicer with the highlights, in my opinion.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


After closing my blog, I never thought I'd have occasion to blog again, but with zentangle coming into my life, I think I may have found something interesting to post periodically.

sometime soon I will figure out how to put a picture on, and how to make an interesting header for the top of my page. In the meantime, here is my first picture, in my zentangle-centered blog TangleOoh!

I made this the other night, after seeing one like it on Pinterest. I love using the curved line as the edge of the piece, and filling in various places with details and curves and splashes. This one would be fun to color, and maybe I just will.