Saturday, February 24, 2018

Quick blog post

It's late Saturday night, and I haven't made a blog post, but I've gotten three challenges done, and actually quite a few other things. So...maybe this will just be a showcase for some recent pieces.

The Diva challenge was to use nested hearts as a string. Mine weren't concentric hearts, but imbedded. And when I got done filling them with patterns, I ended up with something that might be on a dresser top in a rococo boudoir!

Joey has started another series of "finish my tile" tiles...yay! So we copy what she's made and run with it...I did a duo tangle...Onomato and Hi-bred. I sure enjoyed playing with Hi-bred.
This is the String Thing entry. This is my favorite piece of the week, probably because Golven is one of my favorite patterns and I also love Barney. Anyway, this one I call Jewels on the Beach.
 This is the string! I stretched it over the entire page in my sketchbook, and the string REALLY disappeared! ha! However, for a reference point, the second black Perl from the left is the original circle in the string!

 Made some more bookmarks
There's some Golven!
This is her start

One of the most fun things in my life right now is the Traveling Tangles Project on Facebook, where you start a tile and send it by snail mail to someone who does the ssame for you...a little swap that means getting some happy mail a few times a month. So much fun!

Jules Mack and I swapped....
This is how I finished it...Another favorite!  

Just look at my angel sweet baby bum!

Orion is nine months old, and enjoys being up steadying himself on the furniture. 
Here, he was eyeballing the cat or something up on the couch.  
I'm going to go hang out with him and his parents tomorrow. Many more pictures to be taken!

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Thursday, February 1, 2018

A Challenging Week

This is my personal challenge this week: To put an entry in all the challenges this week: Diva, Joey, and IAST :)

Adele Bruno gave us a string and some tangles to play with
 Jester is pretty new to me, but the fun potential is huge! I'll be playing with it and exploring. This is my entry for IAST, which she posted on her blog this week.

And here is last week's Joey challenge... This was her 200th challenge! That is just too cool to pass up! So I did it and posted on Pinterest about it

Exeter was the featured tangle, with string 165. I started with a tissue dyed tile, and when Exeter was applied, Strircles called out to me. You can see Dave Hunter's Pinbawl in there, and some funky V thing (where I flubbed Exeter and made it into something new!) I like this one. Strircles uses a lot of ink, but it is STRIKING!

Last week's Joey Challenge

And from Joey this week, we have Drogon on a bed of String 157, and I had a lot of fun with it:

Reminds me of a treasure trove

Because Rumpus is's a fun word. When I was a little girl I had a friend whose home had a Rumpus Room in it! ha! With games and old furniture (I mean, sometimes we just hung out, and sometimes we played) So I used Rumpus and Drogon is in there large, and added my own Concert, then filled in the upper corner with Irradial...another VERY cool pattern that is fun as a filler. There's Tipple here and there, along with an Aquafleur element. Yup. Much fun was had.

the Diva challenge this week was to use the official tangle Rumpus, and I needed bookmarks, so this is what I did. The original piece is a postcard sized Bristol stock, and I divided it first into thirds. Then I put a string on it, across the dividing lines. Then I filled it.

I added Flux, Bales, N'zeppel, Paradox, Dewd, Hollibaugh, and something curly looking.

then I cut along the dividing lines and VOILA!
I am using one of those bookmarks in the book I am currently reading, and I plan on doing another project just like this one, possibly also using Rumpus. I will use these in the library books I have checked out...and then leave them in the books when I return them :)

This is Becky:

She is not a snuggle cat, but she more than makes up for it in her entertaining ways: box lover, will rub her face on most anything, and mighty q-tip battler. She NEVER gets up on the back of the couch that way, but now I have photographic evidence that she DOES.

another project I put together this week:

Isn't that cool looking? 

And I filled up with tangles! I enjoyed this a lot, but that page of circles with the shading...SO cool!

So, you ask, how is Orion? let me show you:

 he turned eight months old. He started sitting up on his own at six months and now is working on a crawl, though his military crawl is VERY good
His Great grampa made that cradle for his gramma when she was born

helping daddy

Though he is currently working on mastering the crawl, his favorite thing is walking with a grown up hunched over, holding his hands. 

phone love

 And that's all! thanks for visiting, and thanks for comments. I LOVE comments!