Friday, October 5, 2018

UMT Using MY Tangle!

I accidentally deleted my post! Thankfully I had it saved on another blog (which was also by accident but thank goodness I had it)

So this is the replacement, minus the comments it had received :(

Well tickle me pink! The Diva Challenge this week is UMT, and my tangle, Mezzanine, was selected.

Mezzanine Stepouts

But first, let me show you pictures of my little baby grandson!

Bring it, World!

Watering the Garden
he is 17 months old and yes, he is a pistol! My little sweet angel baby. Orion.

Now, this is my entry for the Diva Challenge...I'm going to play some more, because it's been a long time since I got this out. But doesn't it just look like a bottom? LOL I didn't mean to do it that way, but with the shading came the curvaceous hiney. And there's even a "Tramp Stamp" hahahaha!


Even though I haven't posted a blog entry for ages (thanks to a cranky old slow corrupt laptop at home) I have been busy with several groups on Facebook. 

A Start from Spring Taylor

My finish.

This is a tile swap from the Traveling Tangles Project. The month was June, and the theme was Blue.

The Jungle Invades
We moved to a new place, from a tiny 600 sq ft one bedroom, into a duplex with shared kitchen (My mom's place. We were able to put a bathroom in the basement, but no way could there be a kitchen) and one of the first things I did after the move, was to make some tiles. This piece was left over from that, and I tangled on it, thinking I'd cut it down to two bookmarks. But then it looked pretty good as-is, so I left it. 

using a list created by Stephanie Jennifer of the TTP
and borrowed by Square One Zentangle

For Inktober this year, I am posting to the FB group Square One Zentangle. I joined them very recently to hone my actual Zentangle and white, on a tile, with shading. 

Day 1: Mooka

Day 2: YAH
with other Y tangles

Day 3: Ginili

Oreo Face
My Adorbs Babay

And with that, I am done for now. 
Thank you for reading, and commenting. Comments make me happy!