Friday, November 14, 2014

Diva Challenge 193, part two

Okay, I played with THX some more and came up with another offering for the Diva Challenge.

This time, Xyp was the star. It reminds me of some kind of bramble, climbing, thorny. I like the colors I chose. I need to play with color more, and learn the delectable shading and blending I've seen on so many pieces. But I think dark blue and tan work together in this piece.

It sure is blurry. Soon I hope to have a scanner, like Dave Hunter's.

Speaking of, we had our second Intermountain Tanglers Gathering last Saturday.

David Hunter, Annie, and Robin
Our Ensemble, in progress.

We were delighted to have two ladies show up, who had gotten word of the Gathering from Marie English CZT here in Salt Lake. There was another gal who tried to find us, but couldn't locate the library where we were. This was SO much fun! Annie has a supremely fine hand, and Robin has only been tangling since October of this year. Her tile is the lower left, and just look at how precise and detailed her work is!
When we get together in December, the ensemble will be complete, and David is going to scan it for us and post on his blog. The  artists are Upper Left: Annie; Upper Right: yours truly; Lower Left, Robin; Lower Right, David Hunter.
I hope this group grows, and I hope we have as much fun every time, as we have had for the two times we've gotten together up to now.

Monday, November 10, 2014

THX to the warriors

This week's Diva Challenge is presented by a guest CZT Holly Atwater.

An adorable post about her experience at the zentangle conference where she met Our Diva, along with great pics! And the challenge is a tritangle using three patterns, that start with

THX (for thanks!)

Playing with it, I found Xyp reminded me of a fence, and Trio was like clouds blowing in the wind...and why not Huggins as a hilly rise?

Big Sky Country

I like this a lot, and Trio is SO much fun! I could go on forever with it...

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Diva Challenge 192 UMT Seton

This is my first blog entry in a few weeks, as my computer is dying on me. I have been practicing, though, and i did play around briefly with Seton, a UMT by Cris Letourneau.

I enjoyed Seton a lot. There's so much creative potential in it, so much scope for embellishments and play.

my first Seton piece. I like the freehand look of it

Here I used Seton in a piece with chimes, flux, flord, and a very simple version of amaze.

Seton here reminds me of drapes we had on the windows in the basement at home, when I was a child. With the "drapes" I thought of windows, so that's where chimes came in. In the end, it reminds me of maybe a sliding deck door out to a patio. I call it Window Treatment.

 That's all I finished with, using Seton. It's been a very busy week, and I've been following the course outlined in One Zentangle a Day and doing some little pieces when I get some free time (which hasn't been much) 

sorry about the quality. Even before my poor computer got sick, I had quality issues for not having a scanner, and used my digital camera and some minor editing. Well, that editing software is gone now, so the quality went downhill. Hopefully soon I'll have the computer back to semi normal, plus I AM going to get a scanner. Dave Hunter is guiding my purchase of that, thank you very much, friend!