Friday, October 20, 2017

Minimalist Post Today?

The Diva created a tangle and named it after her amazing little boy Artoo.  Artoo has always reminded me of the Japanese Lantern:

This week's challenge was to use Artoo, and this is what I did with it:

Artoo, purk, pokeroot, b'twined, schnek and something fescu looking
but it isn't Fescu

It is pleasing EVERY time, to make an aura around a section then put something in behind...add shading and viola! One of my very favorite techniques.

Joey also has a challenge this week...a Cube string, looking 3-D and use B-tween .... well, here you have it:

This is actually the FRONT of the tile that I did the Diva challenge on. I've been doing that lately. Turning a tile over and tangling on the back. Well this one came from a batch I made with the tissue transfer coloring method.

I was hoping the side and top would look more 3-D but the way they look over lapping on the edges is nice. Makes up for it a bit.

And that's it.

Except one more pic...Orion had a baby blessing, and I brought a gift for him...and his mom put the ribbon on his head...

Jolly baby!

he was a hoot...kept on busy with his playthings, but he'd toss his head back and forth, making the little sparkly tendrils dangle before his eyes.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nine Tiles!

I have enjoyed the nine tile montage challenge from Joey this past couple of months. This week is the final tile, and the challenge was to use poke root. FUN!

But I missed last week, when Printemps was the challenge pattern...and this was how I did that tile:

This is how it looks, connected to tile number 7, 
with N'zeppel.
 this is the last tile, pre-tangling...LOTS of white across there.
One thing I've been doing with all the white spaces in the tiles, has been to pack lots of tiny Tipple in there...and this is A LOT of white I did the tiny Tipple but it got to be too much pretty fast..

So I poke rooted in there, and the rest flowed very easily. 
 I dunno, I think it turned out pretty neat. The white space full of tipple and pokeroot...just nice.
(edit: AND
I just (carefully) read Joey's challenge for this week
it is PokeLEAF not PokeROOT.

This is what things looked like before starting.
 This is what I ended up, I like all of it, and there are places where the string connects things together, 
But the bottom half of the montage seems more disconnected.
I may play around with it some, to get things  more unified. 

But this has been SUCH a fun challenge. Most enjoyable!

From our Diva, we received a monotangle challenge. A monotangle is a great opportunity to explore one pattern, use it in a variety of ways, or bring about that unity that comes from using just one pattern in a piece.

This week we were given Striping to work with. 

shiny 3-D funky worms on a psychedelic floor?

The fun part of striping is making it look three dimensional by curving the stripes. This one would be trippy if the stripes were colored!

Oh! I also wanted to share this fun little almost last swap on swap bot was a zentangle swap, where we were to decorate a postcard with our tangles, and put it in an envelope with a tea bag...individually sealed, of course...

Well look what came in the mail from Singapore:

This is the work of Debbie New, whose blog Tangled Pursuits has shown off many Diva challenges over the years.

This is on my wall at work and I look at it frequently.

Who knew that taking up zentangle as a hobby would get me happy mail from SINGAPORE!

Oh, and one more thing:

Orion is 5 months old!

He can roll over all by himself tummy to back. Once on his back, he can scoot around by kicking his legs...that IS pretty comical. He's eating solids once a day. His favorite is mashed yams. He's a happy boy. 

thanks for reading...thanks for commenting!