Thursday, November 30, 2017

Totally, Dewd!

Greetings. It's been a while.

The Diva this week challenged is to use Dewd,  a new tangle from There's a lot of good information at that link, including a video on how to draw Dewd.

It is a fun tangle, and I went big this time:

It has been AGES since I got out my large notebook with the paper that I love so much. Dewd was a good start, but wow did I ever run with it. It felt like this one might get too busy, but I think there's enough open space to make it just interesting.

One of the things I thought of as I was thinking what pattern to choose...well, patterns.  Human beings love them, whether in art or looking for faces in clouds. And repetition. When you're listening to music, whether a favorite, or something new, isn't it a treat when a riff gets repeated, or a theme from the first movement shows up in the third movement? Or think about collections that people gather. I have my chicken collection...and no two of them are the same...but there are many of them and all of them are chickens. That's what I thought about when I finished's a delight to see the same pattern appear in different places, or one motif from a complicated pattern showing up over in the corner, or changing it out a little bit, exploring the different ways to fill up spaces using the basics of the pattern...variations on a theme? Unity of shape filled with diversity of detail.

Well, creating this was fun. It took a couple of evenings, and I finished a challenge before Saturday!

Other projects:

On the Traveling Tangles Project, I finally finished up something one of my swap partners treated me with way back when...Stephanie Drewa sent me nine ATC's that had been started...well I did a lot of them right away, then between the new job with new hours and other life stuff just crowding out my free time, a creativity slump hit, and I forgot about them. Well, I found them this week and finished them up.

These are my finishes...she started with patterns according to the ABC's, and I finished with the ZYX's :)


And these are Stephanie's starts. It's the first Traveling Tangles stuff that I've done in a long time. But now it does feel like I'm back.

But let's face it, what you all have been waiting for all along...a picture of the baby! 

Orion loves his Opa. 

And isn't Wylie just so sweet with that baby? My heart is full!