Thursday, December 8, 2016

Moowa Moves Me Ornament

It's been a little while since I made a blogpost...seems that simply putting things on Pinterest without much discussion is so much quicker. Anyway, I have a few minutes this morning so I thought I'd do a proper blog entry today.

The Diva challenge is about Moowa, a new tangle pattern that resembles mooka on a wave. So much fun! Playing around, I found that I could make a classic look Moowa:

                                          but a "stacked" Moowa is pretty cool too:

the stacked one has some interesting depth that I like a lot. I actually did it on accident by not following the step started and just went for it after a mere glance at the instructions ha!

Moowa play

So, I got started on the challenge, just sort of playing with the shapes and movement of the pattern. When I'd put several motifs on my page, I realized this was turning into a monotangle, and would be my entry.

I took a picture pre-shading, but you can see where I caught myself JUST at the beginning of coloring. After filling up with Moowa, I added tipple and put a border of sand swirl along the one edge, and some tipple/perfs to outline the rest.

And here it is, colored in:

A coworker suggested all the random colors. I had been thinking of keeping all the moowa waves in ocean hues, but I really loved playing with all the colors. Some indigo blended out from the edges, and I used a blue gray on the sand swirl. Left the tipple "bubbles" white and foamy. There is just so much MOTION! I want to play some more!

For Joey's challenge

we are continuing in the "finish my tangle" vein...And this time around, it is a hexagon shape with Japonica running across the center. It was a challenge to really like this one UNTIL I colored and shaded it.

Amaze in the background, and around the border a little twisty thing I invented around Xmas a couple of years ago. I think it looks Christmas Lighty. The ornament itself reminds me of those old fashioned glass ornaments that had metallic colors and interesting shapes in the hand.

and, just one traveling tile this time... I always sit and study the starts I receive...oftentimes they are so perfect as they are, I hesitate to add anything. And that certainly was the case with this start from Jo Flaherty:

Her start is so elegant and simple and I loved it just as it was, so it sat aside for a few weeks before I thought of a way to finish it...

I kept it simple, and followed just exactly where she had started, with some perfs in black and a little bit of Floatfest, and a row of white dots. The edging is one I took straight from one of my favorite movies. I call it Howl's Chain and it comes from the movie "Howl's Moving Castle"...if you ever get a chance, watch it. The detail is superb, and one of those details is the chain that Wizard Howl wears around his neck. You see it peering out from behind his blouse. It is not important to the plot, but the fact that Hiyao Miyasaki added that kind of detail...well, that's what makes him a master.