Thursday, April 19, 2018

Catching Up

It's been a few weeks. Let's get started!

Opa's Hat
I may have posted this one, but isn't it worth another look? What a beauty boy!

Okay, I had a down day and got caught up with all the Joey "Front and Center" challenges.
I want to keep these tangles as the main star so I plan on keeping it pretty simple with all of the
Front and Center challenges:

 Cadent and some Beadline accompany Joeys Mak-rah-mee.
Reminds me of a tumbleweed on a wall.
 The second challenge was Breach. I added some Sanibelle and Zinger and
ended up with a light flighty butterfly!
This week's Front and Center was Relly Telly One. I put it on a bed of
KnightsBridge, done two ways. 

One thing I did in the past few weeks was to take some pictures of a grand old building in my home town. It is a fascinating edifice, with great patterns and designs etched into the sandstone of its building blocks.

This is the clock tower. The building and its grounds take up a whole city block.

It still chimes the hour and the half hour in dowtown SLC, Utah.
Took this picture aiming at the arch, with its edge of alternating squares, and the edge above the leaf/scrollwork with faces, the triangles along the edge but when I looked at the picture, I LOVED the checkerboard of smooth and rough squares, that I didn't even notice because I was focusing on the arch!

This is what gave me the idea for Knightsbridge on the Joey challenge for this week. 

But isn't the work of those old stone masons so impressive! 

Here's the hat on its original owner. Baby Opa connection.

This week's Diva Challenge is a duotangle: Shattuck vs. Tripoli. I almost didn't do it, because I've never been able to get into Tripoli. I flub it every time and it turns out not looking all that cool. But regardless, I had a bookmark cut out of some tissue dyed paper.

Front of the paper

Shattuck vs. Tripoli (1)

The really cool thing about this last batch was the bleed through, so here is the other side of the same bookmark:

Sparkly back of the bookmark
Shattuck vs Tripoli (2)

Because of how pretty the dye bleed through looked, I wanted to make sure the colors weren't hidden, so I kept i light with the patterns. I think this will make a wonderful little hidden treasure in a library book.

This is wider than a normal bookmark, but it's a favorite recent piece. I was going to cut down the center to make two bookmarks of it, but I really like how it looks as a whole, and it is too broad for a bookmark so I'll think of something else for it. I like looking at it.

This was a fun Traveling Tangle, with the start from Pat Floerke, and my finish below. Those little bugs just appeared all of a sudden. 


April Flowers Bring Ladybugs!

Some serious watching going on there, bud.

 Orion Loves the Garbage Truck.

And with that I finish. Thanks for reading. Thanks for comments! I lurve comments.