Saturday, March 4, 2017


The idea for this pattern came from some clicking around in Celtic and Viking stuff one day. The picture of a wooden statue of a Norse warrior really caught my attention.

This isn't EXACTLY the one, but it's the general I made a pattern based on what he had carved on the front of him

1) two squares on point, with a line connecting them vertically
2) square spirals in each "corner" Start each one next to where the squares meet the line.
3) a vertical line connecting the spirals, on each side of the initial vertical line

I call it Torsdag, which is Norwegian for Thursday hahahaha! Which means Thor's Day, right?


  1. Thanks Heidi. I am also inspired by Celtic design.

  2. Just practiced drawing this pattern. Nice. Might try it as a border.

  3. This is a great tangle, Heidi. Thanks for sharing.


  4. This is great fun to draw and experiment with. Thanks!

  5. This is a super fun pattern to play with! Thanks so much for sharing;-)