Thursday, August 31, 2017


Recently, while surfing the web, I came across a VERY cool interactive website, featuring Bosch art. If you didn't already know this, Hieronymous Bosch had a very strange, oddball style. Extremely detailed, funky, quirky, strange, odd.

He was a prolific artist, and all of his stuff was just as wonky and odd, with many details, that you can look at for a long time and see something new every time you look. 

The interactive website is well worth visiting, too. 

Looking at the website, I can just picture him with a variety of brushes and colors, delighting in tucking details in corners, and letting his imagination go wild. 

Well, in exploring this painting on that website, I came across this exquisite little detail

Those disc shaped leaves caught me right up, and I grabbed my sketchbook. This is what I made:


 It works better to start with the circles before adding the stems, and weighting the lines is important. I think it would make a really good filler.

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